Mindfulness Consulting
Jim Schaffer offers mindfulness consulting, as well as seminars, keynote speeches, and individual coaching which focus on the following topical areas: 

How To Get Results in the Midst of Chaos — And Love Every Moment!

Is it hard for your staff to stay focused and keep morale on even keel, with everything going on around them in the business world today? This program helps them do both — and deliver results in the process — by showing them how to focus on the present moment and let go of everything else that might be in their way. Easy to say — extremely hard to do!

Conscious Management

Are your managers being asked to do more than ever before with fewer resources than they used to have? Do they need help processing their workload and the sheer amount of information they need to digest every day? This program is designed to help them find greater focus and produce better results, regardless of external forces either in the company itself or the marketplace it serves.

Transforming Into a Selling Organization

Many companies have not historically had to create an in-house "sales machine." Professional services firms, advertising and public relations agencies, human resources firms and others have often relied on the efforts of partners and account executives to obtain networking contacts and referrals for new business.

Today's unforgiving business climate finds many of these firms having to create a formal internal sales effort, but not wanting to ruin the corporate culture. Jim helps organizations sift out the vital elements of creating a powerful sales team without destroying the essence of a company's personality or demoralizing the staff who are charged with becoming "salespeople." 

Revitalizing the Organization — How to Put the Spirit Back In Your Work Day.

Do you get the feeling that something is missing these days? The excitement, the unity of purpose from former times in your company's history? Are your employees cool and skeptical? Or, worse: confused, scared or disheartened? Are you concerned about losing good people for the wrong reasons? This program offers concrete steps to get everyone moving in concert with one another — without requiring them to buy into a company vision or mission statement

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