Advanced Sales Training Seminars
In addition to advanced sales training seminars, Jim Schaffer offers keynote speeches, consulting and individual coaching which focus on the following topical areas: 

The Path of Mastery™

For anyone and everyone responsible for generating revenue within a company, this session is designed to pull your staff out of a month-to-month, reactive framework and help them develop a calm, centered and results-oriented focus.

Attendees will learn:

  • Getting Off the Treadmill and Onto the Path of Mastery 
  • Present Moment Selling 
  • Achieving More by Giving Up Control 
  • Developing a Quiet Mind and Why It Is the Key to the Magic Kingdom 
Conscious Selling

This session is designed to help revenue-generating personnel achieve a fresh view of the marketplace and to use the principles of the "Path of Mastery" to enhance creativity, discover 21st Century Teamwork and embody service, both inside and outside of the organization.

Attendees will explore:

  • Beginner's Mind & Why It Is Vital To You 
  • Creating Your Own Personal Success Team 
  • Clear Seeing: What's Really Going On Out There 
  • Conscious Brainstorming 
  • Hi-touch Selling In A High-Tech Age 
Conscious Management

A session for middle and upper-level managers, designed to help them find greater focus and produce better results, regardless of external forces either in the company itself or the marketplace it serves. Given in conjunction with the sales training seminar program or within the context of mindfulness consulting.

Attendees will explore:

  • Management: The Path of Service
  • Creating a Conscious Team 
  • Managing Beyond the Numbers 
  • Non-Judgment: The Manager's Paradox 
  • Developing a Personal Path of Mastery

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